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I, __________________________________________ (please print first and last name) will support the philosophies, concepts and criteria set forth in the Bylaws of THE LEAGUE of SILENT FLIGHT and give notice herewith of my intention to become an  ASPIRANT and attain Level 1 of the:


_____LSF Soaring Accomplishments Program

______LSF Electric Soaring Accomplishments Program

 (Please check one or both programs)


and by so doing, earn full recognition and privilege of membership.

If already a member by previously completing Level I of either the SAP or ESAP


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PO Box  3028 

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Please include a check or Money Order (IMO accepted) for US$2 with your application.   Do not send stamps or cash.



Upon the LSF Secretary’s receipt of this application and entry into the LSF Aspirant database you will be granted Aspirant status and receive, by return mail, a Soaring Accomplishment voucher and instructions for proper completion of the Level 1 tasks.   When you have properly completed the tasks for Level 1, return the voucher to LSF, along with the standard $ 2  fee.

If not already a member, upon acceptance by the LSF Secretary of a correctly completed Level 1 voucher,  you will become a full member of the League of Silent Flight.   You will then be issued an LSF membership number, a membership card and your new Level 2 voucher.  Members will retain their same membership number through both the SAP or ESAP.

There are no membership dues with LSF. However, all correspondence with LSF that concerns membership application and vouchers must be accompanied by at least US$ 2. to cover postage, printing, forms and envelopes.   Please do not send cash or stamps.   Send a check or Postal or International Money Order made out to LSF.    The LSF is an honor system and your cooperation will assure prompt attention to your voucher submissions.

Traditional SAP Tasks and Guidelines (Adobe PDF)

 Provisional eSAP Tasks and Guidelines (Adobe PDF)

Rob DeisSection I - Introduction

The LSF Soaring Accomplishments Program consists of sequential performance tests or "Levels", as they shall be referred to hereafter, for flying radio controlled (R/C) model sailplanes which meet current FAI specifications.

Section 2-Level I (Primary)

The performance tasks pursuant to Level I are presented in the Soaring Accomplishments Program, Requirements Summary, Section12. Upon completion and documentation of the Level I tasks, the Aspirant must submit the performance documentation voucher to the LSF Executive Board for membership enrollment. After acceptance of the voucher, the LSF Executive Board will award the Member his LSF number and remit a Level II performance documentation voucher. The Member may then display a red I centered immediately below a Soaring Accomplishments Program insignia, and his LSF number.

Section 3 - Levels II Through IV (Intermediate)

Ryan Woebkenberg

As in the previous Level, the vouchers are submitted, accepted, and a voucher for the next Level is returned. As earned, the Red II will be displayed to the immediate left of the Soaring Accomplishments Program insignia, the III to the right, and the IV centered immediately above the insignia.

Section 4 - Level V (Advanced)

Level V is formulated to recognize advanced knowledge, skill and determination in R/C model soaring. Skill in slope soaring is mandatory, as Level V is intended to delineate extensive experience in all facets of R/C model soaring. The earned silver V will be displayed immediately above the red IV.

Section 5 - Witnesses

Verification of each task of each Level requires the signature of qualified witnesses.

The approved witnesses for non-competitive requirements shall be:

Jeffrey WalterLevel I: One witness, over 21 years of age, who is not related to the pilot, or one witness, holding Level I status or higher, who is not related to the pilot.

Level II: Same as for Level I.

Level III: Two witnesses, as in Level I.

Level IV: Same as for Level III.

Level V: Two witnesses, each holding Level II status or higher, who are not related to the pilot.
The approved witness for competitive requirements shall be either the contest Director or the Official Scorer.

Section 6 - Procedures

The tasks required at all Levels must be performed with the following restrictions: (a) all work done at Level I must commence after the voucher is received: (b) requirements for the subsequent Levels may be achieved any time after the previous Level form has been postmarked, However, these said requirements will be nullified if the postmarked form sent is returned due to errors or incompleteness; a single performance may be used for only one Level.

Section 7- Thermal Duration Flight

A thermal duration flight commences at the time of release from the end of towline or at release of hand launch. The distance from the extreme end of towline, at the winch, hi-start hold-down, towman, vehicle, or towline return device to the attach point at the model shall be no more than 300 meters (984.3 feet). Tow men and vehicles shall be limited to a maximum of sixty (60) seconds from launch to towline release. Towing by means of aircraft or other airborne devices is expressly forbidden.

5 - 8 hour slope flyersA flight shall be deemed a thermal duration flight if, in the opinion of the pilot and witnesses, the lift being used to remain aloft is primarily attributable to thermal activity. Termination must be with a landing within 200 meters (656.2 feet) of the launch point, which is the point at which the model first become airborne.

Section 8 - Slope Duration Flight

A slope duration flight commences with either a simple hand-launch or a launch from the end of a towline, as defined in Section 7. The flight shall be deemed a slope duration flight if, in the opinion of the pilot and witnesses, the lift being used to remain aloft is primarily attributable to wave-action or winds blowing upslope on a ridge, hill, cliff, wall, etc. Termination must be with a landing within 200 meters (656.2 feet) of the launch point.

Section 9- Precision Spot Landing

A precision spot landing is accomplished by landing the sailplane so that the extreme forward tip of the nose or forward most point of the longitudinal centerline, at rest, is within the required distance from the center of a designed spot on the ground. All precision spot landing flights must commence with a launch meeting the specifications for towline lengths and methods outlined in Section 7, except that the towline shall be not less than 75 meters (246.1 feet) in length. The landing shall be voided if the model jettisons or loses parts, comes to rest in an inverted position or touches any person or object while landing. However, contact with a spot-marker which does not noticeably impede the flight or landing of the model is permissible.

Section 10 - Goal and Return Flight

A goal and return flight is a thermal duration flight which commences with a launch as specified in Section 7. After towline release, the sailplane must be flown over the launch point and then to a pre-designated goal a minimum straight line distance away, as specified in the Soaring Accomplishments Program, Requirements summary, Section 12, and back to the launch point.

Section 11 - Competition

Competition requirements specified in the Soaring Accomplishments Program, Requirements Summary, section 12, may be fulfilled only in LSF recognized contests which are defined to be those meeting the following specifications:


All contestants must compete at the same location on the same date.

Level II - Five (5) or more participants

Level III - Ten (10) or more participants

Level IV - Fifteen (15) or more participants

Level V - Twenty (20) or more participants

B - Rounds

Three or more separate opportunities to score

C - Events

Fifty percent (50%) or more of the contest events must adhere to at least one of the following guidelines:

  1. Thermal Event Guideline - Extended thermal duration, distance, or speed; precision aerobatics, or altitude.
  2. Slope Events Guideline - Duration, distance, speed, precision aerobatics, or altitude.

Two alternative methods of scoring may be used to meet competition requirements. Either the Place System, where a place is recognized to be first (1st), second (2nd), or third (3rd) in the final standing of a contest; or the Competition Points System, where a minimum total of competition points from any six (6) contests may be used. Competition points are computed by first dividing the participant's score by the winner's score and multiplying by 100; then, multiplying the resultant value by one (1) plus the number of lower standing contestants. A minimum of six (6) contests must be flown no matter which scoring method is used.


(a) Winner earns a score of 531
(b) Participant earns a score of 312
(c) Participant beats 5 other contestants.
(d) Participant's Competition Points are:
312 / 531 x 100 x (1 + 5) = 352.

D - FAI World Records

The establishing of a world record - recognized by the Federation aeronautique Internationale - shall constitute the requirements for a contest win. However, six contests or records or a combination of six contests and records must be recorded on all performance vouchers from Level II through Level V. The 12,000 point requirement must also be fulfilled for Level V.

Section 12 - Summary of Requirements

LSF Tasks

* A second thermal flight which meets the basic Thermal Duration requirement for this Level may be flown in lieu of the Slope Duration requirement. However, the second thermal flight may not be flown on the same day.

** Section Section 11 - D (FAI World Records)

Official LSF Address:

c/o AMA
PO Box 3028
Muncie, IN 47302-1028

League of Silent Flight Officers: 2016-2017

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Snata Claus

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The 2017 LSF Election Committee has tallied the votes for LSF Officers for the 2018 – 2020 terms.

Congratulations to Mr. Peter Goldsmith and Mr. John Marien on being elected to the positions of Vice President and Secretary respectively. Please note that Mr. Malcolm was declared the winner for the Secretary position by the Election Committee but has resigned the position over to Mr. Marien due to family obligations.


The Election Board

The League of Silent Flight was established by a group of RC sailplane modelers in 1969 to provide a collective identification for radio control sailplane enthusiasts. The LSF, as it is now known throughout the world, quickly became very popular and has since grown to a membership of over 7,500 modelers. The non-profit LSF fosters and supports all phases of both sporting and competition activity for model sailplanes and encourages the advancement of model aeronautics and related aspects of RC soaring.

The best known aspect of the LSF is the Soaring Accomplishment Program. This system recognizes individual proficiency and accomplishment in RC soaring through a set of successively harder tasks that measure the sailplane pilot's skills and knowledge of soaring. The modeler has an opportunity to achieve these specific tasks with a sailplane of his or her choice. These tasks are designed to challenge and entertain, while allowing the pilot to measure and improve his flying skills and understanding of model soaring against a proven set of standards. The Soaring Accomplishment Program is organized into five Levels of achievement, starting with Level I, the simplest, and progressing through Level V, which demands truly exceptional performance. These levels are arranged so that the beginning flyer can pace himself and gain confidence and skill, knowing that his efforts are being measured against the same criteria that other LSF members have already been measured by. As the flyer completes his Level 1 voucher and submits it to the LSF, he is issued a new voucher for Level 2 and so on up through Level V. There is no time limit or pressure for completion of any task or level. Accomplishment of individual tasks may take only a few weeks or completion of levels may extend over several years, depending on the individual's own interest and activity. Once a voucher is completed and all the tasks on it are approved by the LSF, it becomes a permanent part of the member's record in the LSF computer database and the tasks need not be repeated.

The LSF also sponsors the Soaring National Championships each year at the AMA flying site in Muncie, Indiana and periodically supports other regional contests throughout the country. As you fly in the various contests all over the US, you will meet, compete against and learn from other LSF members who have enjoyed the spirit of comradeship that the LSF has fostered through the years. You will be proud to earn and display the brightly colored LSF logo on your jacket and on the wings of your sailplane. It is the sign that you are a truly accomplished RC sailplane pilot. And you can aspire to reach that pinnacle of accomplishment , Level V, and qualify to display the silver V above the LSF logo on the wing of your sailplane. Membership does not require dues or fees, merely a $ 2.00 "Donation" to offset printing and mailing costs each time member corresponds with the LSF. Membership in the LSF is gained by written application to the LSF Executive Board and is open to anyone who has an interest in RC soaring. LSF has over 7500 members living in thirty foreign countries, some of which have their own National Chapters serving their countrymen locally. The only requirement is that the member, in any country, must hold a valid FAI modeling license. In the USA, that is an AMA membership number. The LSF is a fully volunteer program with an Executive Committee of four elected officials who serve two-year terms. Some foreign countries also require a valid radio operator's license

The LSF is now the SIG to the AMA for Soaring

Applications may be printed from this site, and mailed to :

c/o AMA
P.O. Box 3028
Muncie, IN 47302-1028