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TOPIC: Introduce yourself

Re: Introduce yourself 11 years 6 months ago #61

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I'm Rob Glover, or Bubba.
I started this toy plane stuff a few years ago. My Dad and some neighbor named Red Scholefield (did I spell that right?) would force me to glue tiny pieces of wood together. Then I'd take them out and destroy them. Best education I ever had. I'm now mostly retired, still playing with toy planes, and a member of the LSF Board (Secretary). I live in Huntsville, AL, and am a member of NASF. I do still fly and travel to the occasional contest. I'm not gonna inventory my models, that would just be embarrassing.

If I haven't met you yet I hope to someday, and if I have met you I hope we meet again.

And I agree with you Red - hopefully we can figure out how to get 'er done.

Re: Introduce yourself 11 years 5 months ago #67

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Hi I'm Skye Malcolm.

Getting tagged with that first name kinda sets you up for flying I guess. Dad had a little Maule taildragger he'd haul us around in as kids and maybe that's what started my fascination with flight. I started building gliders as a teenager when the Gentle Lady and Oly II were in their prime. "Self taught," I crashed the GL on it's first ever hi-start launch due to an unplugged servo and that's pretty much set the tone for my flying since. College, work and family have pulled me away from R/C sailplanes but I always seem to get pulled back into it. In the last few years I've made a little progress at not being so hard headed and I think I'm actually learning a thing or two from all of you.

I hope to see you around the bend and I wish everyone big lift and happy landings.


Re: Introduce yourself 11 years 5 months ago #68

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Welcome All,

It is a common tale, A sailplane kit, a hi-start of some sort, a false start or two and then .... the rapture of flight.

That is how it happened to me.

Now all these years later I am scratch building a Sagitta 900 from RCM plans. So the model sailplane addiction goes on.

I love wooden airplanes.

Best Regards

Re: Introduce yourself 11 years 5 months ago #74

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Hi My name is Bob Rondeau and I first joined LSF back in the 80s. I reached level II and needed my slope and G&R tasks for level III. Same old story - I'm retired and it's not too late - want to make something of my life and finish my Level III!

I am a founding member (and president) of the Brattleboro Area Flyers , a small power oriented club in Southeastern Vermont. I have a basement full of beat-up gliders with a few electrics and an old glow floatplane trainer.

I am currently flying (soon as the snow melts) a Pulsar RES, a Sailaire, and a new Supra

Introduce yourself 11 years 1 week ago #91

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My job / career got in the way over recent years (since about 1990) to remain active.
However, I am finally in a position of having fun again.
I am Level3 and will once again continue my efforts to get to Level 4.

There is a lot to catch up on since "my times", but it feels great to get back into it.
The first step is to figure out what to do for radio gear these days. My radio is a Kraft 7 channel Single Stick and I hope some here remember what I am talking about.

I live in the Twin Cities.


Introduce yourself 11 years 4 days ago #92

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Welcome back to the wonderful world of soaring.

A Kraft radio? Yes, I guess you are due for an upgrade.

If you are not familiar with RCGroups, you should make a point of stopping by the Sailplane forums. Great info and great advice on all things soaring.


Introduce yourself 11 years 1 day ago #93

  • Charles Thomas
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Hello All.
I am Charles Thomas, from Knoxville, Tn. This is my 2nd year flying DLG sailplanes and I am hooked. Last year I entered the NATS to fly F3K and got there early to watch "the big gliders" fly. I decided I wanted to try them. Bought a V tail Xplorer in Nov. I was afraid I would destroy the Xplorer so I got a used Satori. Did not fly it untill January. There was no one to help me on the launches. Recieved instructions on hi start launches then had my 1st winch launch at the Tulluhoma contest in May.

I fly at House Mountain RC club in Knoxville. Since I started flying the TD sailplanes several other glider pilots have joined up. A lot of pilots are flying foam electric gliders. The joy of finding lift is spreading at House Mt.
I fly every chance I get. Its raining so I cant fly today.

I have entered 3 TD contests. Tullahoma,
Mid South and the Nats. Wonderfull time and learned a lot!!! Hope to fly more TD contests soon.


Introduce yourself 10 years 11 months ago #94

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Hi everyone:
I'm John O'Sullivan in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Canada's east coast. I've been flying models continuously since July 1950. Earlier days were Free Flight and Control Line, but succumbed to R/C Sailplanes in 1973.
I still fly Free Flight and am very interested in the new Free Flight Electric Duration classes.
I joined LSF in the early 80's and completed my Level 3 tasks in 1989. I misplaced my form and never filed it. I just recently re-located it and am now filing it . Possibly the longest delay in filing of a certificate.

I now fly Electric Sailplanes for the most part but mix with my regular sailplanes, Free Flight and multicopters.

We have had a recent resurgence of sailplane fliers here after a long drought and I am encouraging the guys to join LSF.
I would like to see LSF come up with an integration of Electric sailplanes into their Achievement program. Whether this is a direct integration or a separate task set is not too critical, but it is an expanding phase of sailplane flying and would add greatly to the LSF program.

Introduce yourself 10 years 10 months ago #98

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Just checking in again.
I decided to give my old Kraft Radio a facelift by installing a new battery pack and getting tested/certified by RadioSouthRC. Everything is good to go and I have one of my old gliders (Aquila) ready to go. It is actually made out of balsa and plywood which I found is almost unheard of these days.

Now I am getting the rest of my "old fleet" ready. A couple of them I hand carried back from Germany many years ago Smaragt by Seissler ( wiki.rc-network.de/index.php/Datei:SmaragtSeissler01.JPG ). For that one I will need to get a new radio once I figure out what to get.

Getting back into the swing of things - one thing is for sure it is still a great hobby.

Introduce yourself 10 years 9 months ago #137

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I'm Steve j , a soaring addict since the mid 70's working on my level 4 . I live in the Lakeland Florida area and I'm a member of the Imperial R/C Club . We have a great field in the City of Mulberry , plenty of room , plenty of grass . Many of our members are going electric . My idea of electric is a winch .
My early days were spent soaring up in the Goshen N.Y. area with the Storm King Soaring Team and have participated at the Elmira ( Harris Hill) events . Some of the legends of RES soaring were ever present and ever the winners . I'm now retired and fly as much as the weather cooperates . It gets incredibly hot and stifling here during the summer but if you can tolerate it , the lift can be crazy
I took up full scale soaring a year ago and learned a lot about soaring during that time from a terrific instructor . Much of that knowledge I now carry into my R/C soaring . It's just amazing how much full scale and r/c can have in common .
I'm hoping other Central Florida LSF members will join the fun and the lift with us in Mulberry
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